Our pick of home improvements which add value to your home.

One of the biggest motivations amongst homeowners for installing new home improvements is to add value to their property. Like any investment it is important to research wisely the different options available and the potential return on investments. It is worth noting that all well installed home improvements will not only add monetary value to the property but also adds value to the homeowners lives by improving their surroundings.

Converting your garage into a living space:
Converting your garage into a living space is a brilliant way to add up to 15% value to your property, not only does a garage conversion add monetary value to the home it also comes with a range of other benefits, which you can read all about here.

Adding a glazed extension:
Conservatories, orangeries, verandas, glazed extensions seem to be everywhere and are a great way of adding value and extra living space to your home. Who doesn’t want an entirely new room designed to maximise the sun, our range of glazed extensions are real works of art and are designed to look like part of your home as opposed to just an afterthought.

ultraframe hybrid roof.jpg

Replacement Windows:
New windows look great inside and out and with the wide range of colour and style options available they can be a real game changer and add something special to your home’s design. Not only do new windows help to improve the way your home looks but they also help to reduce energy bills, improve your homes overall thermal efficiency but also ensures that your home adheres to modern building control standards when it comes to fire and safety glass.  In period properties it can sometimes be advantageous to preserve the original aesthetic of the windows as closely as possible, in such scenarios we advise homeowners to look at the residence collection, we’ve been using residence collection windows for some time now and they are designed to replicate the designs of 19th century and early 20th century windows, it’s hard to believe that they are uPVC.

Tiled Conservatory Roof:
We have already discussed the merits of building a new glazed extension above but another great way to add value to your home is too upgrade your existing conservatory roof to a solid tiled conservatory roof, helping to keep your conservatory both warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Not only does this add value to your property but it also helps your living space become more habitable all year round especially if your existing conservatory is older and not as well insulated as a modern alternative.

Kerb Appeal:
First impressions are important, as human beings we have a habit, rightly or wrongly, of making our minds up about a situation, person or product pretty quickly. New home buyers are no different. The first thing many of us notice about a home is the front door and it’s with the front door that you can score some serious kerb appeal points. The front door both welcome people into our homes and often acts as an identifying factor of your home.  We like to extend this idea of identity and gives our customers the chance to put their own stamp on their front doors, with our online door designer.

To conclude almost any well installed, well designed home improvement will add value to your home, there are obviously certain products that will add more value than others both in monetary sense and to the homeowner’s quality of life. We like to strive to help our customers achieve both with all our products and services.  

To find out about any of our products, services or for advice on how our products can add value to your home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.