8 benefits of a garage conversion.

Old garage Conversion.

Garage conversions are a growing trend amongst homeowners partly due to the current economic uncertainty and issues in the housing market, more and more homeowners are choosing to add value and extra living space to their current homes instead of selling up and moving. It is little wonder really a well-executed garage conversion has a lot of benefits to offer homeowners as detailed below.


1.       Adds value to the home
A good quality garage conversion that has been well planned and executed can add as much as 10% to the value of your home. This offers homeowners a strong return on investment should they wish to sell their home later.


2.       Extra living space
As well as extra value a garage conversion gives your home additional living space, perfect for a range of different rooms, depending on the homeowner’s individual wants and needs. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a mega mansion or a stately home the chances are that extra living space is something that could come in quite handy.

3.       Cost effective
The cost of a garage conversion is relatively low when compared to other alternatives such as loft conversions, single or two storey extensions or even conservatories and orangeries. As previously mentioned a good garage conversion can add up to 10% to the value of a property. When compared to the relatively low costs involved this is quite a healthy return on investment.

4.       Full or part conversion
Some homeowners prefer to leave a proportion of their garage ‘unconverted’ for storage space, this is always an option especially if you have a larger garage space or if losing storage space because of a garage conversion is a concern.

5.       Doesn’t reduce natural day light into the rest of your home
One of the issues of a new build single or two storey extensions is that it can cut off a lot of natural light to the rest of your home. Because your garage is an existing structure and doesn’t require any external works a garage conversion won’t cut off any natural light to your home.

6.       Tailor made for you
As with all our products a garage conversion from Thetford Home Improvement Services is tailor made to the homeowner’s individual requirements, our design experts work closely with you at every stage of your project to make sure that you receive the right product for your home and to make the process as simple as possible for everybody involved.

7.       Doesn’t affect your council tax
Converting your garage space won’t affect the rate of council tax you have to pay.

8.       Won’t require planning permission
In most instances a garage conversion won’t require any planning permission because all the work is internal. However, you may still need planning permission if your home is in a conservation area or if your garage is separate from your home. We can always help you with the planning permission process if needs be.

In conclusion a garage conversion is an easy and cost-effective alternative to moving which both adds value to your home and gives you extra living space, without all the stresses that come with buying a new home.

If you’d like anymore information about garage conversions or any of our other products please, don’t hesitate to get in touch.