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Benefits of a new Conservatory

A new conservatory can completely change your home, adding valuable living space with large amounts of natural light.
Working closely with our exert design team means that we can build you a bespoke conservatory which is right for you. 
Another fantastic benefit of having a new conservatory installed is the value it adds to your property. 


Lean To Style Conservatory

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The lean to is a very popular conservatory design amongst homeowners, thanks to its simple design.
It's because of this simplicity that the lean to design works so well on almost any home. 


Gable End Conservatories


Another very popular conservatory style, gable end conservatories, as the name suggests,feature a prominent gable end of their own, on the right home this can give a very striking appearance from both the inside and the outside, especially with a fully glazed front gable end.  


P-Shaped Conservatory


As the name suggests P-Shaped conservatories are well, P-shaped. There are many advantages to a p-shaped conservatory, perhaps most notably the panoramic views of your garden achievable from the design.  


Victorian Style Conservatories


Originated during Victorian times, as you might have guessed, the Victorian style conservatory is the perfect addition to more traditional homes such as terraces and town houses. However its traditional aesthetic and grand presence mean that it can add real class to more modern properties.  


Edwardian Style Conservatory


The Edwardian is probably our most popular conservatory style, the wide range of options available and it's timeless design make the Edwardian style conservatory perfect for almost any home imaginable.  


Warm Roof System


Do you ever find that your conservatory is too hot in the summer? Or too cold in the winter? Well we have the perfect solution.
Through adding a lightweight tiled roof, your conservatory becomes habitable all year round while still looking fantastic and adding value to your property. 




Orangeries earned their name because they were originally built on large stately homes to grow exotic fruits. Featuring prominent brick pillars and large glass roofs orangeries are a design classic and add a touch of sophistication to your home. Popularly teamed with a set of bi-folds to maximise the amount of natural light into the property and to blur the lines between home and garden, perfect for entertaining or enjoying some quality time relaxing. 




Probably the most unusual style on the list, the veranda doesn't have a lot in common with a traditional conservatory, but as a glazed extension option the veranda is growing in popularity with home owners its openness makes it perfect for hosting summer garden parties and barbecues. 

The service was good so were the products. All round excellent teamwork.
— Mr & Mrs Peel - 2016 - Scole

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