Lovely Job - One - Window and Brickwork Removal 


Over the past 38 years we have fitted windows, doors and even conservatories in some unusual places, thanks to the out of the box thinking of some of our customers and the creativity of our design teams and installers.  Recently as you might have seen we have installed French Doors into a first-floor bedroom, which involved cutting a hole in the customers wall, previously we have installed a conservatory on a customer’s flat roof to give them somewhere to sit in the sunshine.
We often get questions from homeowners about whether a job is possible or not, the idea of this series is to highlight some of our more complex or unusual projects, to inspire homeowners looking for similar works to show them what’s possible. 

The project highlighted today really demonstrates the versatility of our installation teams, the homeowners, a previous customer of ours, wanted to let more light into their home by installing a new window at the foot of their stairs. The property itself was a beautiful chalk and flint lump cottage with plenty of character. We had previously removed a tiny door from this property and replaced it with a floor to ceiling window (See below) so when the customer approached us asking for a new aperture to be created and a new window to be installed we relished the opportunity.

The task at hand was to increase the amount of light coming into the customers home whilst maintaining the original character of the building, after discussing various options with the customers, they decided to opt for the Liniar 6 chamber Eco Energy window system, in a nice clean white in and out to maximise the amount of light coming into the property and to marry up nicely with our previous work  as well as the property’s existing windows.


Because the building was constructed from chalk lump after we removed the external wall of the area we were planning on installing the window we had to fit a steel lintel to support the load from above and construct a soldier course of bricks to fix the window to and to help contain the remaining chalk lump wall. This also helped the new window to match up with the style of the rest of the home and the existing windows.

Our installers worked hard to ensure that the installation met the highest possible standard and paid the upmost attention to detail to ensure that the customer’s requirements were met by their new window and the building work involved.

All in all another happy customer.

If you've got an interesting or unusual home improvements project in mind (or even a conventional less unusual one) we can help you with, we'd love to hear from you, Contact us today to find out more.