The different types of glazed extensions, conservatories, orangeries, verandas.

Over the last couple of years, we have started to notice an emerging trend amongst homeowners who want something a little bit more than a conservatory. Conservatories are evolving at an extraordinary rate. Conservatories have changed a lot even over the last ten years with a tendency for more customers to choose orangeries, solid roofs, partially solid roofs and verandas. They have changed so much in fact that we now tend to refer to them as glazed extensions because of the number of different options available, which all differ from the traditional conservatory that customers may be familiar with.


As the name suggests orangeries were originally designed for growing exotic fruits in the grounds of fashionable stately homes from the 17th to the 19th century. Much like greenhouses. Orangeries lay somewhere between a conservatory and a full-blown extension. The orangery originated from the renaissance gardens of Italy and can add a real touch of charm and class to any home. Using the right balance of brickwork pillars and glass to create a light airy space, paired with a set of bi-fold doors and orangery can really blend home and garden providing homeowners with the best of both worlds.

Orangery style conservatory glazed extension


Warm Roof

Warm roofs, solid roofs, or tiled conservatory roofs. All these terms are correct and essentially describe the same thing, different companies tend to use different terms. We use the term warm roof as we like to focus on making sure our roofs are insulated to the best possible standard. A warm roof is essentially a conservatory with a tiled roof instead of a glass or polycarbonate roof. These can be fitted with a new conservatory or it is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners to have an existing traditional conservatory roof replaced with a warm roof, this can make a conservatory warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, helping to make your conservatory habitable all year round.

warm roof solid roof tiled roof conservatory


Hybrid Roofs

Hybrid roofs are essentially solid roofs with large glass sections which can be quite visually stunning and bring a wonderful modern look to your home. Available in almost any configuration you can imagine hybrid roofs are perfect for helping to create a truly unique and individual glazed extensions setting your home apart from the rest of the street.

hybrid roof Conservatory


Verandas probably offer the best blur between home and garden letting plenty of natural daylight in with an unparalleled light airy feel. Teamed with full width sliding patio doors, verandas are perfect for entertaining guests on warm summer evenings, allowing homeowners to really open up their homes perfect for BBQs.

veranda conservatory


The conservatory types listed above only just scratch the surface of the almost endless conservatory options available to today’s homeowners. We like to provide our customers with truly individual products designed to perfectly compliment their home and their needs.

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