13 Benefits of a carport.

The term carport comes from the French term "porte-cochère", which refers to the passageway built into buildings to allow vehicles to travel through them. The term was coined by the greatest American architect of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright, who popularised the ancestor of the carport style we are more familiar with today. Like all home improvement products, the carport has evolved over the years with introduction of modern technology, new materials and improved manufacturing techniques. Like all of our products the carports that we supply and install across Norfolk, Suffolk and the rest of East Anglia are bespoke designed with the customer for the customer. We believe it is right to provide a product that perfectly suits the personality and home of the customer. Below we have detailed 13 advantages of installing a car port at your home.

1.       Weatherproof

Carports offer your vehicle protection from the elements minimising the damage caused my wind, rain, frost and snow. You won’t have to spend hours of your life defrosting your windscreen on cold winter’s mornings.


2.       Increased security
Your car is more secure in a carport especially one attached to your home than parked on the street, as well as deterring thieves and vandals this could also help to reduce your insurance costs.


3.       Add value to your home
Like any well installed high-quality home improvement product having a premium carport installed adds extra value to your home should the time come that you’re looking to sell. 

4.       Integral drainage system
Our carport system benefits from a built-in drainage system concealed with in the leg supports which not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the product but it also removes the risk of damage to external guttering systems.

5.       Protection for your car
If like a lot of us your car is your pride and joy you’ll want to stress the importance of keeping it protected be that from the weather, vandals or the threat from above of birds relieving themselves. A new carport is the ideal solution for keeping your car safe and protected.

6.       Looks Great
Aside from all the practical benefits listed a bespoke carport can be a real marvel of design with so many options available from sleek modern looks to more traditional options we have carport designs available to perfectly compliment any home or personality.

7.       Work on your car in the dry
Most car enthusiasts love nothing more than tinkering with their beautiful classic car at the weekends, however living in Britain we often suffer with the infamous British weather and any plans to work on the car at the weekend get washed out by the rain. (No pun intended) However with a carport it is possible to keep not only your car but the space around your car dry as well meaning that you can lay on the ground under your car in the dry all year round no matter the weather.

carport thetford

8.       Additional storage
As well as offering space to store your vehicle a carport also offers handy shelter for storage of anything that may be at risk of wear and tear from the elements, such as barbeques, patio heaters, tools and garden furniture to name just a few.

9.       Additional outdoor space
We’ve noticed a growing trend amongst consumers who are using carports as additional out door space like a veranda or a canopy for entertaining or spending time in the garden as opposed to just storing their vehicles.

Additional outdoor space


10.   Cost effective
A carport is a cost-effective alternative to a garage for storing your car. The costs involved in supplying and installing a brand-new garage far outweigh the costs of supplying and installing a carport.

11.   Convenience
A carport is far more convenient than a garage because you don’t have the stress and worry opening several doors to get your car in and your shopping out. A carport also offers lots more natural light than a garage making it easier to work on your car.

12.   Kerb Appeal
Like all good home improvements having a carport fitted to your property adds a certain level of kerb appeal to your home setting it apart from all the others on the street.

13.   Ventilation
In comparison to a garage a carport offers a lot more ventilation to your vehicle, which is very useful when it comes to cleaning your car or using products such as solvents which need to be used in a well-ventilated area for the safety of the user.


In conclusion a well installed, high quality carport not only looks great but adds value both to your home and to your life, masking it easier to store and work on your car as well as keeping it protected from the elements.

To find out more about our carports and canopies contact us on info@this-home.net, alternatively if you’d rather talk than type call us on: 01842 763800 and we will be happy to discuss any of products in more detail.