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We believe in quality products and workmanship across our range and our canopies and carports are no different we only use the best materials and installers for the job. Our team of experts will produce and install you the very best product money can buy. We are perfectionists and everything we install, we install with the customer mind. 

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INTEGRATED guttering 

It's no secret that here at THIS we are big fans of innovation and like to try and offer the most innovative products on the market whether it be key-less smartphone controlled locks or integral blinds, and our canopies and carports are no different, by utilising the products legs for drainage we effectively remove the need for separate guttering and down pipe. This not only takes up less space but it also looks a lot more aesthically pleasing as well. Of course if you'd prefer a seperate guttering system that can be arranged, like all our products we can tailor you canopie or carport to suit your needs. 


Door Canopies

We also provide a variety of door canopies in a range of colours and styles designed with your home in mind. We can provide door canopies in a fibre glass or for something truly unique we can build one from scratch. We offer a wide choice of door canopies including both single and double length canopies available in a number of different colour options.