Want the perfect new door? Design your own online.

Alongside the rise of the internet and the readiness and availability of products online, we have seen a growing availability of bespoke, custom made products giving customers more and more choice over the design of their purchases. At Thetford Home Improvement Services, we are very passionate about both making our customer’s lives as easy as possible and providing them with products that perfectly meet their needs. Because of this we have launched an online door designer enabling our customers to design the front door of their dreams online, modifying almost every aspect to create a truly unique and personal product. Below we have listed 6 benefits of designing your door online using our online door designer.

Millions of different possibilities. 
By its very nature our online door designer means that your new door is fully customisable to your individual needs. Because the online door designer allows full control over the design and style of every component of your new door there are millions and millions of possible combinations and styles of doors available. This means that it’s very unlikely that any two doors are ever identical providing our customers with a truly unique product every time adding some serious kerb appeal to your property.

Door Designer Screenshot 1.png

Send your details directly to us.
We understand that buying a new door can be a stressful process, to some people. As a result, we believe it is important to try and make our customer’s lives as easy and stress free as possible.

Because the door designer is hosted on our website once you have finished creating your new composite door, your details as well as the specification for your chosen door are sent directly to us meaning that we can process your quote and eventually your order more quickly, efficiently and with as little disruption to you as possible.

Easy to use.
We understand that for some people choosing a new door can be quite a daunting process. It’s a big decision, after all most people see their front doors at least twice daily for decades so getting it just right is important. Our online door designer is very easy and intuitive to use, helping users to get things just right with minimal fuss and difficulty, also if for any reason you run into difficulties whilst using our online door designer feel free to call us on 01842 763800 and we will happily talk you through any issues you have.

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Match your property or personality. 
With our online door designer, you can ensure that your new front door perfectly matches or compliments your property. Alternatively, you could always design a new front door that really stands out and sets your property apart from the rest of the street adding a bit of colour and vibrancy to your home. Your front door is after all the first thing anyone sees when visiting your home.

Available for front doors, side doors, french doors, or stable doors.
Our door designer stretches far beyond just your standard front door, with many configurations available including single or double side lights and top lights, side panels, double doors, French doors, and even stable style doors. The stable doors are particularly popular as a backdoor option due to their serviceability. They’re also great for pet owners because the top half can be opened letting plenty of fresh air while the bottom half can remain closed preventing pets escaping.

Door Designer Screenshot 3.png

Contemporary or traditional.
Whether you’re looking for a modern contemporary front door to turn heads in the street and wow your neighbours with it’s sleek design or something more traditional perhaps for your period property or country cottage our online door designer is perfect for you with a range of features available for both styles and everything in between, all of which are interchangeable as per the customiser’s wishes.

Providing customers with exactly what they want has been at the centre of our business model since we were established in 1980. Although many may argue that the internet and digital age we are now living in has made some aspects of life less personal, however we have tried to use it to further improve our service and offer our customers a truly personal product and service, handing control back to the people that matter the most, the homeowners.

To check out our online door designer yourself  and start creating your own dream entrance visit: https://www.this-home.net/solidor-door-designer/ alternatively give us a call on 01842 763800 with any questions or for more information.