uPVC Gates & Fencing

Much like windows uPVC has transformed gates and fencing bringing them into the 21st century. Our wide range of uPVC gates and fencing last much longer than wood and do not deteriorate in the same way as wood. Our expert installers will install your gates and fencing to the highest standard and ensure that they are built to last using only the best materials to ensure a perfect install each and everytime. 


Tailor Made for you 

Like all our products our plastic fencing and gates are chosen and designed with you and your needs in mind. On the left is a beautiful example of a green fence with a concave top in our eco-fencing range. As you can see this colour and style perfectly compliments a beautiful vibrant garden helping to not only bring out the bright tones of the flowers but also adds depth and texture to the green tones of the rest of the foliage. 

Virtually MAINTENANCE free

Our range of uPVC gates and fencing are virtually maintenance free and do not require regular treatment and staining to protect them against the elements and insects, unlike their wooden counterparts. 
All our uPVC gates and fencing requires to stay looking brand new is a yearly wipe down with hot soapy water or wet wipes to remove any dirt or dust helping your uPVC gates and fencing look freshly installed for decades.
Our plastic gates and fencing are far more durable than the more traditional wooden alternative and because of our installer's experience and attention to detail ensures that your gates and fencing cope a lot better in windy conditions. 


double executive gate7 - golden oak.JPG

Automated single and Double gates are also AVAILABLE  

Our gates are also available fully automated making them far more convenient for you and your everyday use. Whether you need a set of double executive gates to open up on to your drive after a long day at the office, or perhaps you have real trouble opening your gates for medical reasons, we can offer the right solution for you. like all of our products our gates are designed and installed with you in mind to try and make your life a little easier.


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