The future of uPVC Windows?

What are flush fitting windows?
Flush casement or flush fitting windows (as the name suggests) refers to windows where the sash (opening part) sits flush with the frame. Our two main types of flush fitting windows are the R9 which is flush on the outside with a traditional interior and the R7 which is flush both inside and out.

flush casement grey window

History of flush fitting windows

Despite the design dating back over 200 years, we have seen a growing number of homeowners choosing flush casement style windows in favour of the storm casement window popularised in the late 20th century and commonly associated with double glazing. This is in part due to advances in technology allowing flush casement windows to be made from uPVC bringing all the benefits associated with uPVC double glazing together with the traditional less obtrusive sight lines associated with timber flush casement windows. At Thetford Home Improvement Services, we are proud to supply and install the residence collection of flush casement double glazed windows, including both the R7 and R9 profiles (as previously mentioned), each has its own set of benefits depending on the individual customer’s personal requirements.  

7 benefits of flush casement windows:
We have covered below 7 homeowner benefits of having flush casement windows fitted by Thetford Home Improvement Services

1.       Can be used in conservation areas
The R9 window system was designed to offer homeowners the option of uPVC windows and all their associated advantages, whilst maintaining the traditional timber aesthetic required for use in a conservation area, created to replicate 19th century timber window designs using virtually maintenance free materials with outstanding thermal and acoustic properties. The R9 window has a larger 90mm profile, our standard uPVC window is only 70mm, not only does this give the R9 frame and sash a thermal advantage it also means that they can be installed in deeper openings, suiting older properties and homes that may have external rendering. 

r9 conservation area windows

2.       Aesthetically pleasing

Let’s be honest, flush casement windows look great. There’s no two ways about it, the sleek lines of flush casement windows are less obtrusive than other uPVC style sashes. Teamed with Georgian or astragal bars for a classic period look or with full glazed sashes for a modern look that maximises the amount of natural light that enters the home.

3.       Traditional or Modern

Due to their versatile design our flush casement windows can not only replicate 19th century designs for use in conservation areas as previously mentioned they also look great in a modern minimalist design with a smooth finish and modern colours, making them perfect for more contemporary properties and a great option for new build homes.   

4.       Bespoke
Like all our products, our flush casement windows are tailor made to order based on the homeowner’s personal tastes and preferences. The customer is consulted at the design stage and we work closely with them to help create the right product for their home and their own individual tastes.

Flush casement bespoke windows

5.       Available in double or triple glazing

Like our standard uPVC windows, our flush casement options are available with both double and triple glazed sealed units improving their thermal efficiency and improving their acoustic performance.

6.       10-year guarantee

Like all our products our flush casement windows are covered by three separate guarantees for our customer’s peace of mind, our own guarantee, our manufacturer’s guarantee and an insurance backed guarantee.

7.       FENSA Registered
Thetford Home Improvement Services are fully FENSA registered window and door installer, this means that we have been signed off by a regulatory body (FENSA) to install windows to a high standard that meet building regulations, without FENSA certification any window or door installation would have to be signed off by building control at an extra cost to the homeowner. This is to ensure that the windows or doors are installed safely with the right type of glass and to meet fire escape regulations.

The future of uPVC windows

Personally we believe that the future of uPVC windows like all of our products lies in giving customers as much choice possible, and flush casement uPVC windows adds another choice to the growing number of window options we can offer our customers, teamed with the ability to customise almost every aspect of your windows homeowners really do have more control than ever when it comes to creating the perfect home. 

We understand that everyone is different and has different tastes that’s why we stock such a large range of bespoke products which are all customisable to give the homeowner as much choice as possible. Personally, we love flush casement windows especially in virtually free uPVC and are please to offer them to our customers as an alternative to our standard uPVC windows, we believe that it’s important to offer homeowners as much choice as possible at every step of the way.

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