6 benefits of Hardie-Plank composite cladding.

Cladding can quickly change the exterior of a building adding real personality and individual style to almost any property, whether used on the entire property or to add extra personality to specific areas cladding is one of the most visually striking home improvements available.
At Thetford Home Improvement Services, we use Hardie Plank cladding, an American product with a range of benefits and advantages over the timber and uPVC alternatives. Hardie Plank is a composite cement board available in two finishes smooth, or cedar (woodgrain) depending on the project specification.  Below we have outlined the 6 core benefits of Hardie Plank Cladding.



1. Long Lifetime

Hardie Plank cladding is guaranteed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against rotting and warping, Hardie plank has a typical service life more than 60 years and has been tested in extreme whether conditions.


2. Range of Colours & Textures

Hardie Plank cladding is available in 21 colours and 2 finishes meaning that there is a perfect combination for almost any property, the boards can be fitted horizontally, vertically or even diagonally for a real striking finish.


3. Low Maintenance

In comparison to its wooden alternative, Hardie Plank cladding is relatively maintenance free, it doesn’t require regular treating or repainting and because Hardie Plank cladding comes with ColourPlus technology the finish doesn’t crack and peel prematurely with no need for repainting. 
Unlike PVC or Vinyl cladding Hardie Plank is not susceptible to the same level of fading and it is possible to easily match the colour and finish of your existing cladding should your cladding need repairing at any point.  


4. Fire Proof

Probably the single biggest benefit of Hardie Plank cladding is its resistance to fire, Hardie Plank cladding carries the highest possible fire rating (A2 s1-d0)  which means that it has a limited combustibility and produces negligible smoke in fires. Hardie Plank Cladding will not combust upon direct contact with a flame, nor will it further fuel the spread of an existing fire. Below is a video from the manufacturer:


5. Stylish

HardiePlank cladding looks incredible and as previously mentioned can quickly add real striking character and personality to any property. The finish is second to none and not only does it outperform vinyl cladding in terms of fire resistance and maintenance it also looks a lot better too, with the texture and natural finish of timber.


6. Pest Proof

Resistant to pests and vermin that can cause damage to other cladding materials, wood is particularly susceptible to pests and vermin such as woodworm, nesting birds etc.

Hardie Plank cladding outperforms its wooden and vinyl counterparts across the board and is the perfect choice for any home improvement projects involving cladding, our expert teams of installers have fitted miles and miles of Hardie-Plank over the years and it never fails to disappoint adding an instant facelift to homes every time.


To find out more about Hardie Plank cladding or any of our products, or to arrange a FREE no obligation quote please don’t hesitate to get in touch.