13 reasons to choose plastic gates and fencing.

The introduction of uPVC in the late 70’s changed the face of the windows industry forever, with wooden windows today becoming more and more uncommon although we still occasionally install timber windows for customers with period properties, uPVC is ultimately top of our new window enquiries. We believe that like windows, wooden gates and fencing and all the impracticalities that come along with them are a thing if the past and the future is, you guessed it, in plastic. As East Anglia’s best installer of uPVC gates and fencing we are proud to be at the forefront of this emerging trend. We have listed below 13 benefits plastic gates and fencing has over traditional wooden or metal alternatives.

1. Weatherproof

PVC fencing holds up exceptionally well in the most adverse weather conditions, unlike traditional timber fences it is completely waterproof meaning that it doesn’t deteriorate or rot over years of exposure to the Great British weather. The fence posts and gates we use are reinforced with steel to add extra strength and durability.

2. Easy Maintenance

Our plastic fencing is virtually maintenance free, with no painting, treating or sealing required. All our PVC fencing requires is a regular wash down with war soapy to keep it looking great.

picket fencing panels & kit form.jpg

3. Environmental Benefits

Because as previously mentioned PVC fencing doesn’t require staining or treating you don’t have to worry about spilling chemicals and damaging the local water table or killing your flowerbed.

4. Economical

Because of it’s long lasting and hard-wearing nature PVC fencing doesn’t have the same frequent replacement or repair costs, this ultimately saves you money over the lifetime of your gates or fencing.

5. Strong

As previously mentioned the plastic gates and fencing we supply and install have steel reinforced up right posts, strengthening your gates and fencing and preventing them from wind damage.  

6. Hardwearing

Our PVC fencing and gates don’t corrode, rot or rust like wooden or metal fencing and is perfect for coastal areas where there are high winds and a lot of salt in the air. As a result of this we have installed a number of uPVC gates and fences in the North Norfolk and Suffolk coastal regions.

7. Bespoke

Our range of uPVC gates and fencing can be designed to perfectly suit your property and individual needs. We have had many unique requests from customers for made-to-order gates and fencing jobs from concealed gates to specialist one off colours.

2 single plastic gates with arch

8. Aesthetically pleasing

Due to the endless configurations and possibilities our plastic gates and fencing are an attractive addition to any home and garden, whether you’re looking for a traditional style gate or fence or something more modern.

9. High quality furniture

We are proud to install our PVC gates and fencing with hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing, hinges, handles and bolts. Our high-quality furniture perfectly complements our wonderful gates and fencing designs, helping to perfectly complete the look of your project.

10. Attention to detail

As mentioned in the previous point we are incredibly proud of our attention to detail and that isn’t just limited to our range of high quality hinges, handles and bolts, we also have many other details designed to make you plastic gates and fencing completely unique including beautifully designed post caps.

11. Range of colours/finishes

Our plastic gates and fencing, are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including many different woodgrain finishes and as previously mentioned we have even installed fencing jobs with a totally unique colour as per a customers request.


12. Perfect match (gates and fencing)

We supply PVC gates and fencing that are designed and manufactured together and as a result they perfectly complement one another, meaning you can rest assured that the gates and fencing work perfectly together and have a clean unified aesthetic finish.

PVC Gates and Fencing


13. Made to measure reducing install time

Due to the accuracy of the manufacturing process all the components used in our PVC gates and fencing are made to measure and will only require the minimum level of adjustments on site, saving time and inconvenience to the customer. Similarly, the components aren’t subject to bowing unlike their wooden counterparts.